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Day/ Casual Makeup Tutorial

Wow, finally a first post on here!

Today I give you what I have been promising for months.

Under the cut you will find lots of pictures of me looking tired.
and then magically pretty (8D)

First wash your face and pin up your fringe.

Next, apply your base.

(optional/if you need it) Apply light or translucent powder ontop.

Apply a light shadow base to your eye. (i used pink)

Place a soft contour line of say, a neutral brown in the crease
of your eye.

Next, apply a little thick line of a colour eyeshadow, near your
eyeline, then if you like, brush some glitter ontop.

Then, apply eyeliner on the bottom outer edges of your eyes.

While waiting for this to dry, apply your blusher to the apples
of your cheeks, or along the cheekbone in an oval shape.

Now to put on your lashes!! This is the most defining part
of your makeup, so make sure you have a good mascara.

If your eyebrows need to match your hair colour or to be shaped,
tint them slightly with a little eyeshadow.

For that 'kira-kira' eye look, add a metalic glitter under the eyeliner.

Now for the lips, you can choose between Lipstick in a light
pink to coral colour (depending on your outfit) and/ or a lipgloss.

I chose my Chanel lipstick in 'Santa Monica' with my YSL gloss
in Coral shade 5 of thier 'touche brilliance' range, over the top.

Do your hair and VOILA! ~ ready to go out~!

I hope you enjoy it!
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