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uk_hime's Journal

The UK Himegyaru Community
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For lovers of Japanese Hime brands and those who like to dress like a princess.
Welcome to uk_hime - For all the people interested or dressing in the Himegyaru fashion based mostly in the UK and EU.
This community is for helping other hime on where to buy clothes, makeup and accessories - What ever you find that is applicable, you can post it! Be it hime brand in other countries, near-replicas or hime-appropriate items, please share them with us.
Also, there will be hair and makeup tutorials, picture posts of us UK & EU Hime dressed up to the nines or in casual hime. We'd love to see your photos!

Okay to Post: Photos of meetups/shoots/days out etc, tutorials,hand-made items,locations of shops, Hime finds/where to buy, Help questions/Hime-related questions, nail posts, sales posts, hime food/cooking, and hime-related topics and fun things such as: 'Biggest Hairdo you've ever had' etc (these in moderation, thank you)

Not okay to post: Unrelated themes and topics, ~pets, Adverts, dating.

Consult with Moderators: Adverts to new Hime-related communities

Moderators: 10sugars

Please be respectful towards other members, and towards language used. I'm not saying that it has to completely be Kiddy language, but this is an open community, to people wanting to know about the fashion, not looking up a string of obscenities. No one likes bitching in the end, either - so keep that to private messages and emails, Thank you.